October 21st 1939 – Madras

There are one or two funny chaps in the Wilts detachment up here. There is a Major Bearen, with a damn pretty wife, who is the “compleat tennis rabbit”. One Major Ludford, known as Babe, whose wife has a mind like a lavatory – their children’s nurse is one Lulu, who is courted by the troops. ‘Doc’ Cunningham and Robbins, with little Audrey and a madman ‘Dopey’ Hamilton. The Ludfords had passed some remarks about Dopey at their table one day, and later on Ludford took one of his small daughters across to the PRI’s store. He was there in conversation with a CQMS when Hamilton happened to go past. Daughter turns round and says “Look Daddy – there’s that wet officer again.” Must get down to a bit of work for the Retention exam – all the organisation and interior workings of the Battalion.


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