May 2nd 1940 – Srinagar

Elaine – the One That Got Away

We manage to get away to Nagin Bagh, and whilst in the Club a girl comes in and we send her a chit from Joan Strallan which we had brought up with us. We hear it being opened and find that we have struck lucky. She is Elaine Doran, up here with her Ma in houseboat “Butterfly” and is a really beautiful English girl; all her own beauty too, just out from home in January and completely unspoiled. We fix up a picnic with them but rain stops that. We take her to the flics the next day. Yesterday we go into town with the Adams’s, Dudley’s friends, and then on return play gramaphones on “Butterfly” with tea and games with the Adams’s. A dance last night at Nedou’s and we go there with Elaine and Ma. I get left a bit longer than pleasant with Ma, but still. A wire from Wana extending my leave up to June 9th, or six weeks, so presumably I shan’t get any more this year. Oh, Elaine! Met Valentine up here.


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