May 30th 1940 – Assam

Went over to Moriane Club and watched the AVLH at drill. Worse than a school OTC. There I observed one Lance Cpl and wondered whether I had come out on the boat with him. Two days later, while dozing on my bed after lunch, I get to thinking about the old days and eventually about Skegness. I suddenly remember that Thom Allen used to plant tea in Assam, so I nip out of bed and look in the Assam directory. I see an Allan, P living near here and remembering Peter, I enquire off the Uncle. He tells me that he has a brother called Tom who used to plant here, and also that he is the Lance Cpl I had spied. This is too much evidence and it turns out to be Peter Allan, after 15 years, and he had been eyeing me too he said.

Went over to Government Tea Research Department at Tocklai and there one Benton, bacteriologist, tells me that to purify water insert two rupees a third of an inch apart, as poles, and then a current through them from a 4.5 volt battery will purify one pint of water in 15 seconds. Provided there is no clay in the pani (water), which combines with the silver and falls to the bottom. I get my hands on a car after three years since I last drove. It’s a 1929 Chevrolet. Some good coot shooting, and have opened up on a jackal.


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One response to “May 30th 1940 – Assam”

  1. Blimey! Excellent blog post. Great attention to detail and assam tea is currently my favourite.

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