August 13th 1940

Went and had a drink with Ray the other night. Abbo and Willie expecting to go home any time now. Freeland apparently commanding Razmak. That’ll be nice for them. Not feeling too good these days. I seem to be getting fat and unable to chase a foot or a squash ball with as much vigour as formerly. A very sleepy place this, though I don’t in the afternoons. A chap called K.A.R. Khan, attached to the Dogras, is apparently going off to Wana to join the boys. I have not joined the club here and seem to manage very well without doing so. Sqaush in gunners courts, football, a booze in the mess. My first earthquake the other evening. The mess suddenly shook and the sound of cracking came from the roof, as though a score or so of bearers were chasing cats across it. Pat and I were outside like a cascara tablet, (JDW: also known as Cascada Sacrada Tablets, for colon cleansing), but nothing happened and so we returned to our beer in peace.


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