May 10th 1941

I do a sort of contact patrol as our forces occupy Najara, going out with them as a guardian angel. Very hazy today, and I sit about in the tent all day, gradually getting deeper and deeper in dust. As soon as my goggle break, I suppose I shall have to confess to my sins, as I can’t fit my spare pair of lenses. (JDW: Since his eyesight was poor and he had cheated to pass the eye exam, he relied on his specially made pair of google with lenses that he had had made in India.) They need the edges filing down a little first.

Gruesome stories around of what the Levies did to any prisoners they captured the other day. Most of them are Assyrians, and have a lot to pay back. Pat Weir has been put in for an M.C. – his platoon came under severe M/G fire, and he silenced one lot with a V.B. fired from the shoulder. He then waved his platoon on and got a bullet in the uplifted arm, severing a main artery. Some Madras sappers and miners arrive by Douglas today.


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