August 29th 1941

Night flying last night in formation, led by F/Lt Tate to Jullandur and back. Over Jullandur, Tate goes down to shoot them up, leaving Thin and me in echelon going round in circles. I don’t know what happens but I damn near crash into him, and we just manage to mutually bank out of the way. Thin tells his observer Poonen to fire a Very light to show up country to Tate – he refuses, saying it’s not his job, and he won’t “take the responsibility”. Head back, and a good landing.

Today to Jullandur – low level at 500′ as observer, and have never felt so ill for a long time. As we were formating, the ship was never on an even keel and I got hell. Off to Jullandur tomorrow, where Taylor and I will no doubt pay the penalty for our ‘beat up’ yesterday. My kit from Iraq arrives, filling me with nostalgia.


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  1. Do we know what type of aircraft were being flown by CDC Dunford-Wood between August 27th and August 30th? I have the movement orders from No.1 SFTS that mention him and others. some aircraft are given as Tigermoths, perhaps an Audax or Hart thrown in there. What types does his Log book mention for this period (Aug 27-29, 1941)?

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      Hi there
      He was flying an Audax all three days, a/c no 3102, with Pilot Officer Prakash as passenger. It says ‘Tactical training’

  2. Thanks for the answer – I found a picture of the aircraft in Frank Powley’s collection

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