March 4th 1942

AOC says I need a rest but I’m not allowed one and have to do silly jobs in the Lysanders. I take one Mr Scott of the Forestry Department to Zigon, a damn small place, and back. I can’t even land a Lysander now. Burt Mann gets shot down by a lot of Jap fighters whilst on a recco and yesterday’s recco fails to return also. He lands with wheels up and is then shot up on the ground, having to run about 400′ with a piece of bullet in his foot. Some villagers rescue him and hide him under a bullock cart, eventually delivering him to the Burma Rifles and then to the Royal Tank Corps. He is off back to India now and never looked so happy before.

An Infantry Brigade arrived yesterday by convoy from India. 15 Jap fighters on Kya-ikto but they got away before the fighters could get over them. Must be using it as an advanced landing ground, for shooting down recco planes.


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