April 7th 1942 – Lashio, Burma

I get very drunk with Byles on “Samsu” at 1/- a beer bottle full. Drunk for 8 annas and the G/C turns up. But I recover with a bath and am alright by dinner time. A troops concert where I render “Craven A” to no great success, but the AVG come and visit us afterwards with some bottles and they get very drunk. Tom Pierce and I decide to visit Laskio on the pretext of looking for my kitbag, which I find under the mess verandah, and pack up and leave for here. We arrive to find most of air staff had forgotten about us, but they are sending to 221 Group suggesting we return to 28 sqn.

Penton up from the front said Kinnaird was killed at the Shwedang road block near Prome. We have drinks with Group Captain Seton-Broughal last night, gatecrashing him, and later with rum punch brewed in a thermos. He is getting a “bowler hat” and G/C Singer has taken over. We sit around doing nothing and hoping to get away, drinking south african brandy and water. Penton returned today as all surplus AILO’s required back, but Paddy determined to stay and retreat to China. Loiwing was good fun and a rest, but now I must go back to war. There was some talk of joining 17 sqn, but I prefer my own mob to those shockers.


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