September 16th 1942

I do another trip to Patna, but an X is out so I come back to Gaya and pick up Major Tweedie, the M.S.

I see a Sikh sepoy there of the 56th who remembers me and says the boys are at Digboi. Much cloud on the way back and I come on down the Ramgarh road again. Henry goes to Delhi for a medical, so I am now running the flying. Yesterday went to an army demonstration, artillery fire, tanks and anti-tank guns most interesting. Today Paintal and I go out for 36 hrs with armoured regiment but it rains so hard the scheme is cancelled at 4.30pm. I meet Howes, M.C., ex 3 Company, my term at Sandhurst, in S. Staffs and now GSLO 70 Division.

One of the Kohat a/c turns up and we now have three. Much work to do now, and to try and get the Sgt pilots & air gunners doing it too, which is hard as they cut half the parades, and I can’t always be there to check up on them. Not much exercise but fairly fit.


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