November 24th 1942 – Calcutta

We have a party in the Mess the other night with Greta, McBlain and his girlfriend. Hugh Moule and his wife and Elizabeth Elsmlie (Jackie too) who gets a bit weary on her first John Collins, Pink gins and her first glass of port. Hammerbottom posted to 225 Group Bangalore, in some S/L A/C job they have invented for him. A signal comes in requiring Flying Officers and some armament B.O.R.s to go on a TAC/armament course for these Hurricane 11ds in the Middle East. I get put down for it, and eventually Bert Mann, Henry and I go, with Joel and Thompson of 20 squadron and some BORs. We come up here on Sunday morning, by train unfortunately, as no a/c available, and report to air transit officer yesterday morning. “Great Eastern at 4am 25th” says he, and seats on BOAC flying boat all the way to Cairo. We are staying at the Great Eastern Hotel and go to the Saturday Club and “300”. I have lunch with the Lindsays, and they have oysters and a few drinks with me at “Slap” yesterday evening. Met Doc Fowler, of Razani days.


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