December 11th 1942 – Shandur

Much firing on the range, but I never hit the target – a cloth tank. They all seem to fall short, firing at 500′, though I do get an occasional bracket of no value. Perhaps I ought to open fire a bit nearer the target than 500′ as laid down.

Yesterday Burt Mann and I go to Suez to see his girl friend and take her and another “Wren” – ? Young – out to supper at the Suez Golf Club – at least he does, as he foots the supper bill. I go to the equipement officer and tell him about my valise that I left at Habbaniya labelled “Lt Dunford Wood, Geneiffa”. He scouts around, and sure enough it has lain 18 months in a store at Kasfaret. I go over in a truck and get it. It has my best marching boots in it amongst other things.

Plenty of beer here, and not bad, NZ and Canadian mostly, also some very excellent Palestine beer. I did not bring my arabic book, having sent it up with Sergeant Doughty to Abbottabad, and so can get nothing much out of these damn bearers. However, I can write my name, which impresses them no end.

A new moon yesterday, and I have a good wish. We do some interesting tank recognition here.


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  1. WREN – Women’s Royal Naval Service

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