April 5th 1943 – Maungdaw

Journey not too bad as I got away quick off the ferry and got a lower berth. Pass two trains of Chinese going up. One had a lot of chargers in luggage vans. Got back and find Teddy killed in a crash a few days ago. He took off at Maungdaw and was heard on the R/T saying his engine was running rough and he was landing again. He made an approach, north to south, overshot and opened up, raising his undercarriage. White smoke was seen coming from his exhaust, an internal glycol leak, and then he got slower and slower, until just over the hills she must have stalled for she whipped a wing over and crashed and burst into flames. So I have to come down again. 24 hours after getting off the train I am on my way with Tom Pierce and arrive here after lunch yesterday.

Bob Garratt running the show fairly successfully, but the Japs have cut the road near Indin, and 6 Brigade have withdrawn from Donbaik. A new general – Lomax – and a complete flap all round. Damn hot and sticky down here now, and me on ops again, of which I am not too pleased. However: I have an awful nightmare my one night in Ranchi!


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