September 6th 1943

Still going strong, and I get a touch of malaria yesterday. I do not disclose it as that would mean another three weeks here and I should lose my acting squadron leader position – so I just take ten grains of quinine. Here let me record that on returning from the Arakan I made it pretty plain that I thought 100 sorties was pretty good, though only 160 operational hours with it, and I think Tom Pierce put me up for a D.F.C., but that was four months ago now, so I shan’t get it. That’s the second time of being put up.

There is an American pilot I meet here at meals occasionally and he gives me the correct figures for their pay:

2nd Lt – $150 basic pay plus $75 flying pay
1st Lt – $166 + $83
Captain – $200 + $100
Major – $250 + $125
Lt Col – $275 + $135.50

Also 10% extra for serving overseas, and 5% extra for every three years service. $1 = Rs3, 4 annas.


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3 responses to “September 6th 1943”

  1. It would be interesting to know the pay and allowances received by comparable RAF ranks at the time.

  2. CDC Dunford Wood Avatar

    yes, you are right – actually I have his Grindlays Bank paying in book so I can at least discover what an acting Sqn/Ldr was getting! I will look…

  3. Wow! $1 = Rs3, 4 annas. That was $1=Rs 3.25 Compared to roughly $1=Rs 61.00 now- after 68 years! Amazing!

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