October 1st 1943

I have dinner with Tom Jones and his wife in the hotel and go out for a drink with Catherine Railton whom I also met. Tome Pierce comes over on a visit and we have dinner together. Last night I get mixed up with a most interesting chap – one Lt Col Cooper E. Yorks – who tells me all about Wingate’s expeditions and how they had 40% casualties. I am heard on the radio this morning on American overseas broadcast from London in the early morning. One of five D.F.C.’s on the Burma front for “reconnaissance” and “supply dropping” (?) – so I am told.

I work 0830-1 and 2-5.30 each day, with 1 in 7 days off – or two afternoons. Most mornings I go to the Southern Army ‘prayer meeting’ at 9am and get to the office around 10, so that cuts into the morning a bit. I hope to get out into the jungle on a local scheme out near Ootacamund, but S.A.S.O. doesn’t seem to think I need to go.


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