November 29th 1943

Back at Solar to investigate two crashes. On completion of that, 4 Squadron’s C.O. returns so I am pushing off on this evening’s train. Basil Darlington, their A.L.O., and I go and visit the Navy on Sunday night, having quite a party with the “No. 1”, ending up in a search for a double hammock. Last night we go into Coimbatore Club for a bath and dinner with the Wren – then on to the flicks. A very nice Club and I see an excellent sunset over the Nilgiris from the roof whilst waiting my turn in the bath.

4 Squadron Mess is horrid; tin plates and tea soup out of thick glasses. Bearers wipe spoons with their thumbs and dirt and neglect all round.

171 Wing under Tom Pierce moving to Comilla and this 4 Squadron due in Ranchi after completion of the exercise. Squadrons I have known: 17 (fighters) under S/L Stone DFC whose aircraft I flew and crashed from Highland Queen and with whom I later went to China. 135 and 136 (fighters) whose a/c I flew at Mingaladoon and Akyab. 45 and 113 (bombers) with whom I lived at the Mingaladoon Golf Club and in Laschio Mess. 20 (army co-operation) now on Hurricane 11ds under Pete Joel, with whom we went to Egypt. 60 and 34 (bombers), whom I meet from time to time in Bengal, Arakan and down here.


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