February 15th 1944

We go down in the evening and see two huge stags come out. The Mudavan (?) takes me to about 200’ and though it’s pretty dark at 7.30pm I manage to hit the best, a great black beast, on the third shot with the .303, then miss the other one, who had been watching in amazement. He crashes down and falls about 20 yards but when we get there he has gone. Next day the Mudavan finds blood, shoulder high, for about 400’ and then it stops, so he is lost. They found the one I got in the evening, however, though they only sent down the skull and not the skin. He is very small, only – well, too small to measure!

I go out yesterday with Gouldsbury and miss quite a nice jungle sheep with two shots. I collect a couple more squirrels today, making 14 in all, though I lose two, and try and get a black monkey, but cannot get a shot. I wear my overalls and greased boots on the hill.



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  1. The Mudavan (?) takes me to about 200’…means a local South Indian Trib(al)esman!

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