April 19th 1944 – Mid-Atlantic

We come through the Mediterranean OK and are now in mid-Atlantic. The sea changes from blue to green and we heave and pitch a bit. Ritchie and I see an unidentified aircraft which acts in a most suspicious manner, but nothing comes of it yet! We pass a 75 ship convoy and see the snow on the Sierra Nevadas in Spain. Also about two million pink and black birds, long legs and necks, so presumably flamingoes, going over to Spain in a long straggling line ahead formation. Ritchie and I get some gin off the Chief Officer after a morning session on watch, but that was a long time ago. Much hockey in the evening, before I get this cold which is raging in my head. The weather damn cold and damp too.


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One response to “April 19th 1944 – Mid-Atlantic”

  1. It is hard to imagine what it might have been like to see a 75-ship convoy. Just to see another ship, today, is exciting when out at sea.

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