June 26th 1944

I cut Roberts out and he gets annoyed and hasn’t been in again since. Sunday I have lunch with them at the Lamb (“baa”) and then go on to Mrs George Atkinson’s, a friend of Sue Fraser’s in St Ives, for tennis which I am made to play until 20.30 – some gin and supper and return to bed.

Saturday I do a trip to Wrexham and Newport without getting lost, so am improving.

I go down to see Elaine but she is serving behind the bar until 10pm so I don’t see much of her, though we go into the ‘parlour’ afterwards with some naval ratings and two Yanks who call each other “Slug” and “Teagarden” respectively. She gives me a demure sort of kiss when I leave. Scott, the Wing Adjutant here, reckons I shall have to go onto twins with my eyesight, so I shall have to start all over again, which is a bind.



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