July 24th 1944

I polish off the night flying and go to the gunnery flight. I also go to town to see Elaine but she is a bit upstage as a certain Norwegian sergeant pilot has undone all my good work whilst I have been night flying. Hi name in Biani, but I shall call him Piano. I sit around boozing and later come back with Steve in his truck. She puts up her cheek to be kissed so I say “what’s that for?” and depart.

Saturday Pete and I and Charlie Ruck go in – Pete very drunk after 8 or 9 whiskies and grapefruit in the Mess, as he has just finished his night flying and on the loose again. We go to the Corbett (Arms) and I see some dame eying us, so later at the local dance I seek her out and dance off. She is a WAAF in 22 Group, one Dorothy Lewis, and is in civvies and staying at the YWCA. She walks part way home with me, then I see her back to the YWCA and we do pretty well. I date her for last night and we drink beer in the Corbett until it closes, then she changes into uniform and we set off for home. I side track her halfway and we get down to something in a field, but nothing else as she is on a “major”, though if she were not, I have my own doubts too!

I get her back in home by 23.59 and today arrange to meet her tomorrow. I expect that all I shall get for my pains is a trip to Sheffield – a double course too. Thursday night I get a bit tight with “Tuppence” and two friends of mine in the “Corbett” and later I am foolish enough to spend 10/- on Pimms No 1 in the Mess ante-room.


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  1. What great stories these are!

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