August 27th 1944 – Crail

I have a small bed and breakfast apartment with a gas bracket, and have high tea in the kitchen with the family. Angus Mitchell, a bus driver of some 24 seasons, buys me a few drinks in the local – the “Golf Hotel” – and then we hang around for some more when it has shut, and get some more. Today Mhairi comes round 10 to 12 and we sit on the rocks and look at the sea, but her vibrations seem to be out of tune, and I reckon I made a mistake in coming up here. I should have gone down to see Peggy. However I must learn sometime, though what I do learn doesn’t seem to be much good to me, as far as the results go. Mhairi has a half retriever, half spaniel called Mitch.


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One response to “August 27th 1944 – Crail”

  1. What is a “gas bracket”? I am not familiar with the term.

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