December 28th 1944

One or two parties. Christmas dinner with the Langdale-Jones in the “High and Dry” Hotel, followed by a pontoon and whisky party in Bobby Brain’s flat run by Vera Clayton. I cook the scores afterwards and escape paying up about 6/- lost! Then boxing night Pat Rose takes Ma and me to dinner in Tregenna, and they discuss someone else’s baby over my body for 20 minutes. Later Bill and Gertie and Felicity Findlay join us; and later still I get away and dance with whom I want to – a dark eyed girl in a corner. She is one Gay Priestly from Ealing, down to stay with her brother-in-law and sister. We get on quite well and I get her telephone number and go up yesterday evening for a drink at 6pm, before she goes back on the London train.

I go back tomorrow but do not know whether to go to Basingstoke or Alton. Glorious weather, almost fit for sunbathing. I wish I met this Gay dame sooner – i.e. Sunday when she arrived.


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