October 1st 1945

I don’t change my guilders, thinking it safer not to. I have now been here a fortnight and Mama may be up next week. Sgt Lovell still has my fountain pen, so this is all I have (JDW: he is writing in pencil). We are woken for washing at 6am – I then doze until breakfast at 8. Read the paper and write a letter until 12.30 lunch. Doze and a pipe until tea at 3.30, half pint of beer and a cigarette at 6 and at 10.30 the ordeal of sleeping begins. Lately my foot has started to ache so I have to be well doped to get any sleep at all. I have no appetite and have trouble with my bowels.

I see that Golly Gilbert gets out from Malaya. I take up pipe smoking again – and try and arrange to get my kit sent across from The Hague. What next. Quien sabe?


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